Key Dates


Key Dates - February 2018

Date Category Description
28/02/2018 GST
  • Return and payment due for the period ended 31 January

28/02/2018 Provisional Tax

Standard or Estimation Option and 1 or 2 monthly GST filing & Student Loan Interim Payments

  • 1st instalment (September balance date)
  • 2nd instalment ((May balance date)
  • 3rd instalment (January balance date)
28/02/2018 Provisional Tax

Ratio Option

  • 1st instalment (November balance date)
  • 2nd instalment (September balance date)
  • 3rd instalment (July balance date)
  • 4th instalment (May balance date)
  • 5th instalment (March balance date)
  • 6th instalment (January balance date)
28/02/2018 Provisional Tax

Six Monthly GST Filing 

  • 1st instalment (July balance date)
  • 2nd instalment (January balance date)