Our dedicated team of payroll specialists complete this function for a number of small, medium and large businesses on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis. Our knowledge and expertise in this area enables us to perform what can be a complicated and time consuming task with the utmost accuracy, confidentiality and efficiency.

We are committed to ongoing and regular training of our team to ensure the most up to date and

The advantages of Leech & Partners completing your payroll service include:

  • Allowing you to spend more time on your business (relieving stress!)
  • Keeping your payroll records off-site and confidential, but preserving fast access to them
  • Giving you confidence that experts are dealing with your legal obligations in a very complex area
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Turnkey service

Assigning your payroll to Leech & Partners allows you time to focus on what you do best by saving you time and money. 

We would be happy to give you a firm quote for this service if you give us an opportunity to discuss your requirements.

Please contact our specialist payroll staff member, Tracy Maslin.