How to pay tax online

Online payments are an excellent means of conducting business these days, but care must be taken when making tax payments to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) online.

To pay tax online, sign onto your bank's online banking website. You will find a payment option to pay tax to the IRD.

Please ensure when you are paying online that you select the correct: 

  • IRD number

This is the IRD number for the entity which you are making the tax payment for.

  • Tax type

Throughout the financial year, you will pay different types of tax. You must include the correct reference. The most common are listed below: 

INC - Income Tax

GST - Goods and Service Tax

RWT - Resident Withholding Tax

FBT - Fringe Benefit Tax

DWT - Dividend Withholding Tax

  • Tax year/period

On the payment slip which we send to you, you will find details of the type of tax you must pay and the period for which the payment applies to. Please note that when you go to your bank's website, the payment will default to the current year. Please ensure the year is correct before making a payment.

If you have any questions regarding the payment of tax online, please do not hesitate to contact our team who can help you through the process.

IRD also has a very comprehensive guide on their website. Please click here to follow a link to this page. This will explain the various account types, offer help to fill out the reference details and also provide a link to the websites of all banks.